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Matapalo Costa Rica


Matapalo Costa Rica Location

Costa Rica has a number of towns called Matapalo. This Matapalo Costa Rica is located on Central/Southern Pacific Coast, about 25 kilometers south of the deep sea fishing resort town of Quepos. It’s about a 12 minute drive north from Dominical. From the capital of San Jose, you can drive on excellent paved roads to Matapalo in about two hours and fifteen minutes.

The town of Matapalo Costa Rica was bypassed when the Coastal Highway connecting Quepos and Dominical was finished in 2009. The previously unpaved, deeply rutted “highway” used to go directly through Matapalo, but now the cars flash by on the new elevated roadway just outside town. On balance, the change was good for all, except the stores and restaurants in the town that catered to the passing drivers. They clearly lost, but the rest of Matapalo’s inhabitants won. The highway is just 50 meters from town, the road noise is way down, and Matapalo’s main roads were paved as part of the larger road deal.

The nearest airport is Quepos, which offers daily flights to and from San Jose. It takes just 20 minutes now by car to reach that airport on the best paved road in this whole country – not a pothole to be seen, nor better yet, felt.

Matapalo Costa Rica Amenities

Matapalo offers several small supermarkets, a hardware store and some decent restaurants. Most foreigners go to nearby Quepos at least once a week for supplies and taking care of business. There is telephone service in the center of town, and cellphone reception in the vicinity of Matapalo is pretty good. Matapalo inhabitants generally use satellite service for TV and internet.

Matapalo Costa Rica Attractions

Matapalo beach is a very pretty, very long beach, with decent swimming (be careful though, there can be strong currents). It also has good surfing on most days. The beach in front of the center of town will usually have some people on it. But except for major holidays, you can expect almost total privacy at the main beach just south of the town, called Playa Linda. To get there, take the beach road located a couple of kilometers south of the center of Matapalo. Next to the turn off are two cell phone towers. Follow the road to the beach.There are no homes left there, as the Muni has torn them all down as not being compliant with Costa Rica’s very strict maritime zone laws. Bear in mind there are no bathrooms nor any restaurants at Playa Linda, so it would be best to come prepared.

The mountains above Matapalo Costa Rica are only a few kilometers inland, for the most part covered in lush primary forest which is home to an abundant fauna. The bypassing of the highway gives Matapalo a remote feeling even today, and the pace of life is more relaxed there.

Real Estate in Matapalo Costa Rica

Though less well known than the nearby towns like Dominical, Uvita and Ojochal, Matapalo Costa Rica is already being discovered as a great place for a second home. Many foreigners, particularly Europeans, have already bought and built there. Prices are perhaps generally a bit lower than in the more populated towns towards the South, and good deals can still be found. One thing to watch out for: beachfront without the right paperwork (title or concession).

There are some larger farms in the hills above Matapalo that would be excellent for reforestation. Browse our Real Estate listings to see what is available.