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Who We Are


Tim Woodruff

Tim CroppedTIM WOODRUFF was born and raised in Panama. In 1984, Tim graduated from Tulane Law School as an Editor of the Law Review. He worked as a trial lawyer at Gordon and Rees in San Francisco for seven years. He was also licensed to practice law in Florida. In 1993, he moved to the Peruvian Amazon, where he led jungle survival trips. He then co-founded Rainforest Health Project, a 501c(3) foundation out of Iquitos, Peru. RHP later morphed into Amazon Promise, which is still active today. In 1996, Tim moved to Costa Rica to focus on sustainable land use, since in 1992 he and Brice had started buying fincas and reforesting them. Later in 1996, he and Brice founded Land Assurance. Tim was married in Dec. 2005 to Rosario Araya, and has two children (see below). His interests, besides hanging with la familia, include writing, reading, biking, SUP’ing, and helping grow our own organic food.

Brice Deganahl

Brice CroppedBRICE DEGANAHL is from New Jersey but has spent the most time in New England. He and Tim met as students at the Lawrenceville School in New Jersey. Between 1980 and 1985, Brice studied music at the New England Conservatory of Music while earning a Mechanical Engineering degree from Tufts University. After graduating, he wrote engineering software for several firms, and started his own software company. In 1995, he sold his flagship product to Computer Associates. Meanwhile, between 1992-94, he and Tim Woodruff extensively researched — in the library and in the field — the viability of tropical hardwood reforestation. In 1994, they turned to the Costa Rican real estate market and purchased Finca San Buenas, which they started to reforest later that year. After repeated trips to Costa Rica to recreate, buy real estate, and manage the new plantation, Brice moved there permanently in 1996. His hobbies include computers, reading, teaching English to local students, and a whole lot of surfing.