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  • Fishing Resort of Quepos in Costa Rica

    Quepos Location Quepos is a deep sea fishing/resort city on the Pacific Coast of Costa Rica, strategically located at the gateway to the town of Manuel Antonio and its famous National Wildlife Park. It takes about two hours to drive from Quepos north to San Jose, and half an hour.

  • Lagunas Costa Rica

    Lagunas Lagunas Costa Rica is one of the most easily accessible, beautiful communities in the southern zone. Just 10-15 minutes from Dominical, it offers superb ocean views, refreshing altitude above sea level, abundant forests and wildlife, and community minded Ticos and foreigners. The core of the Lagunas Costa Rica community.

  • Tinamastes

    Overview of Tinamastes Tinamastes is a very small town at cloud forest altitude (over 1,000 meters). It is located 15 minutes from the city of San Isidro del General, and 20 minutes from the resort town of Dominical on the Pacific Coast. What Tinamastes lacks in amenities (no banks, hardware.

  • San Isidro del General

    San Isidro  del General Location San Isidro del General is located in the Valley of El General, also known as Perez Zeledon, a fertile valley at about 600 meters above sea level. San Isidro weather is warm during the days and cool at night. Once the sun goes down, you.

  • Platanillo Costa Rica

    Overview of Platanillo Costa Rica Platanillo is located between San Isidro and Dominical. It takes about 15 minutes to drive to the beach, and about 20 minutes to San Isidro. The town is at an elevation of about 300-400 meters above sea level, just high enough to ensure cool afternoons.

  • Ojochal Costa Rica

    Ojochal Costa Rica Location Ojochal is located near the Southern Pacific coast of Costa Rica, about 30 kilometers (20 miles) south of Dominical and 20 kilometers north of Palmar Norte. Driving to Ojochal from San Jose takes about three hours on good paved roads, and the drive is very scenic..

  • Matapalo Costa Rica

    Matapalo Costa Rica Location Costa Rica has a number of towns called Matapalo. This Matapalo Costa Rica is located on Central/Southern Pacific Coast, about 25 kilometers south of the deep sea fishing resort town of Quepos. It’s about a 12 minute drive north from Dominical. From the capital of San.

  • Uvita

    Uvita Location Uvita is located about 16 kilometers (10 miles) south of Dominical, on the Southern Pacific Coast of Costa Rica. The road from Dominical to Uvita is paved and excellent, and winds along the gorgeous coastline. The drive takes about 15 minutes. The closest big cities are San Isidro,.

  • Dominical

    Dominical Location Dominical is located on the Pacific Coast of Costa Rica, about 35 kilometers (22 miles) East of San Isidro del General, and about 160 kilometers (100 miles) from San Jose. Driving to Dominical from San Jose now takes only about 2.5 hours, on pavement all the way, and.