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Living in Costa Rica

  • Top Ten Most Fun Adventures in the Dominical Area

    When you are in the Dominical area, the following super-fun adventures will blow your doors off. They present in reverse order, meaning that number 10 takes the cake as the “most fun” — at least in this writer’s semi-expert opinion. But bear in mind that all of these excursions are.

  • 10 Tips for How to Live in Costa Rica, Happily . . . Part 2

    Part 2 from the article, “10 Tips for How to Live in Costa Rica, Happily (Ever After): 6. Follow the Rules You would not believe the number of foreigners who live in Costa Rica with the belief that the rules somehow do not apply to them.  Wrong.  It is a.

  • 10 Tips for How to Live in Costa Rica, Happily. . . Part 1

    How to live in Costa Rica, happily ever after: that is the question. For “expats,” transitioning to life in these tropics can be frustrating — in addition to exciting, healthy, and wonder-ful. I hereby offer the following hard-won counsel to those of you who face such ch-ch-changes in latitude. Or.

  • Surfing in Dominical

    As promised – from about six months ago – I am finally writing an article on surfing in Dominical Beach, Costa Rica. But, let me begin by saying that the surf here is changing on a daily basis.  There has been more beach movement in the last six months than.

  • Costa Rica Weather: Is 68 – 88 boring?

    We have an outdoor thermometer that is an almost complete waste of money. We paid full price, of course, but have only used about the equivalent of one piece of pie. I posted a picture of our thermometer on Facebook, offering to share the rest of it with someone who.

  • It’s Not Just About the Home in Costa Rica

    “Why on earth would anyone want to buy a home in Costa Rica?” this guy asked incredulously, his bushy brown eyebrows arched and some words getting a disproportionate amount of emphasis. Okay, so I made up the guy with the bushy brown eyebrows, but not the question. It’s a question.

  • The Lantern Parade in Costa Rica

    Sunday, September 14, my wife and I were invited to our community school in Costa Rica for a lantern parade that turned into a history lesson. As happens so often, we weren’t sure of the details, so we got to the school well after the festivities started. We hadn’t even.

  • Top 7 Reasons to Go Ahead and Get Residency

    This article presents the main reasons to consider applying for residency in Costa Rica. Please compare my previous article, located at, which describes five solid reasons to consider NOT getting your residency, at least not right away. Let’s first assume that you could qualify under one of the categories.

  • Living in Dominical, Costa Rica

    Living in Dominical can have two distinct meanings.  The first might mean living in the little town itself, and the other would mean living in the surrounding neighborhoods.  Most people who come to live in this spectacular area where the “mountains meet the sea” fall into the latter category.  In.

  • Top 5 Reasons Not to Get Residency in Costa Rica

    People ask us all the time if they should apply for residency in Costa Rica. Let’s first assume that you could qualify under one of the categories of investor (inversionista), retiree (pensionado), or legal resident (rentista). For retirees you would need a fixed income of at least $1,000 per month.

  • The Farmer’s Market in Costa Rica

    So yesterday I decided to get my chainsaw tuned up and came home with a car full of fruit, from the farmer’s market in Costa Rica. It wasn’t an accident. San Isidro is about 45 minutes into the interior from Dominical on a very good paved road. Called “Perez” by.

  • Short, Intensive Spanish Courses in Costa Rica

    Some people are going to be marvelously encouraged to read this about Spanish courses in Costa Rica. Some are going to be really grumpy that I wrote it. So let’s just get the bottom line on the table: What a lot of people learn from short, intensive Spanish courses is that they “can’t learn Spanish.” I.

  • Electrical Installations While Living in Costa Rica

    As promised in my Living with Costa Rican plumbing, this is a somewhat humorous look at typical mistakes made by Costa Rican electricians that you will want to avoid while living in Costa Rica.  My introduction to Costa Rican plumbing codes has a similar ring to this one for electrical.

  • Working On-Line in Costa Rica

    When Brice and I moved to Costa Rica full-time in 1998, we felt we had to live in the suburbs of San Jose, the capital, because that was the only place in the country with decent internet access. We couldn’t see any way of running Land Assurance Realty without the.

  • Three Hours from the Costa Rica Airport? Really?

    Naturally, it comes up pretty regularly.  What about that Costa Rica airport? People thinking about living here  want to know how far we are from the nearest international  airport. After all, they do want to go home and see the grandkids once in a while. And buy inexpensive M&M’s. We.

  • Are You Smarter Than Water in Costa Rica?

    by Ron Snell– So here’s a relatively unpublicized qualification for living here: you have to be smarter than water in Costa Rica. Believe me, that’s not as easy as it sounds. Before your first gully washer rainstorm, it’s easy to think you know more than H2O. You dig this out.

  • Soccer is Real Football

    By Tim Woodruff–American “football,” as we all know, is a misnomer. Nobody can say how NFL football got its name. But the game makes little use of the foot, besides of course the running and jumping common to most land sports. Football is mostly about blocking, passing and throwing. For.

  • Living With Costa Rica Plumbing

    Everyone who lives in Costa Rica and most people who visit here probably have humorous stories about Costa Rica plumbing.  The good news is that the Costa Rica building codes are very strict about handling black-water.  And, although the locals are not overly concerned about the building codes, the country.

  • The Costa Rican Seasons are Changing

    When you’re living here, the changing of the Costa Rican seasons is subtle. No blizzards to remind you that it’s no longer summer. No vegetable garden epidemics announcing spring. Still, the seasons change. Hang around for a couple of years and the patterns become softly familiar. Nothing earthshaking—we leave that.

  • San Isidro del General

    San Isidro  del General Location San Isidro del General is located in the Valley of El General, also known as Perez Zeledon, a fertile valley at about 600 meters above sea level. San Isidro weather is warm during the days and cool at night. Once the sun goes down, you.