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Lagunas Costa Rica



Lagunas Costa Rica is one of the most easily accessible, beautiful communities in the southern zone. Just 10-15 minutes from Dominical, it offers superb ocean views, refreshing altitude above sea level, abundant forests and wildlife, and community minded Ticos and foreigners.

The core of the Lagunas Costa Rica community is a cluster of Tico homes owned mostly by members of two extended families. The Herreras and Mesens are some of the finest Ticos you will ever meet and many of them work as handymen, caretakers, cleaners, dog sitters and more. When not doing that, some of them travel all over the area as a singing group to perform at churches and other gatherings.

Lagunas Ticos also host some of the better attended soccer competitions, always accompanied by food for sale to raise money for the local school and church. They are known for their community spirit as they volunteer to maintain community facilities by cutting the soccer field, trimming weeds, and doing maintenance on the roads.

Lagunas foreigners own a wide variety of homes, from simple to luxurious. They share in common beautiful natural surroundings and vast ocean and valley views. From some of the homes, even at 1200 feet above sea level you can still hear the sound of the surf subtly providing a backdrop for the calls of birds, frogs, insects and animals.

The Lagunas Costa Rica community water system is one of the best in the area with plentiful, good tasting water. Roads are known to be some of the easiest to drive in the area. The grass roots crime prevention group (CAP) is actively a part of the larger group in the southern zone, with the mission of making the southern zone one of the safest in Costa Rica.

The nearest services and facilities are in Dominical, although there is a small grocery store, hardware store and restaurant in Baru on the highway at the bottom of the hill. San Isidro de General (“Perez” or “Perez Zeledon”) is about 45 minutes up into the interior, where you can get almost anything you need from an abundance of produce markets, hardware stores, health care providers, grocery stores, entertainment and more.

Even though many of the foreigners are “full time, long term” residents who appreciate having a cohesive community around them, there is always some turnover. That provides opportunities to find both homes and lots for sale in Lagunas. Prices range from $80,000 for a lot with a breathtaking river valley view all the way up to $1,750,000 for a luxury home with an incredible ocean view. In between you have a choice of many styles and prices.

To get to Lagunas Costa Rica, drive about 4 kilometers on the highway from Dominical to San Isidro. Turn left just before the first bridge you come to, which is on the far side of Baru’s hardware store, grocery store, and heavy equipment operator.

As soon as you turn left you are entering Lagunas, but you won’t see much until you have gone up the road about 2 kilometers. Then you will start seeing some homes, but most homes are tucked away on branch roads off of the main road. Unless you’re just up for a lark and don’t really care what you do or don’t see, it’s really most practical to give us a call and let us show you around.