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Costa Rica Weather: Is 68 – 88 boring?

Termometer Pic

We have an outdoor thermometer that is an almost complete waste of money. We paid full price, of course, but have only used about the equivalent of one piece of pie.

I posted a picture of our thermometer on Facebook, offering to share the rest of it with someone who might need it. One commenter noted, all sour grapes, that she felt sorry for us having such monotonous temperatures. Like if you don’t have a polar vortex one month and an asphalt melting day another, it gets a little monotonous.

I’m here to say that a temperature range between 68 for lows and 87 for highs year around is NOT monotonous. Anything but!

So the other night it dropped down to 68. It rained all night, bringing thick fog through the house at times. I reached for my long sleeved shirt and a blanket. Tammy made us both cups of Chai tea. We curled up in the comfy warmth and read our Kindles, which is a warm sounding name. And in the morning, there was nothing to shovel off the sidewalk.

If 68 feels cold and cozy, you have to wonder what the highs must be! Actually, they aren’t that high. 88 starts feeling warm and if it hits 90 or above, everybody complains about the heat. Take a hilltop Tico to the beach on those days and they feel like the whole earth is melting around them.

The point is that you get used to what you live in. We moved down here from Nebraska where the temperatures during our last year ran from 18 below to 106 above. I wouldn’t say “our” temperatures varied that much, because of course we lived in clothing that moderated the extremes. I actually rode my bike to work every day that year, and sometimes arrived at work sweating profusely after riding in temps well below zero.

Here in the southern zone of Costa Rica, we get sensitized to the slightest temperature and humidity changes. We feel changes of just a few degrees, getting colder and hotter within a much narrower range. Since we have no heater and no A/C, it’s all close and personal.

Those who haven’t lived here often think this must be boring. They say they prefer the changing seasons and like the annual shifts, calling for tank tops a few months and hi tech parkas a few months later. Okay. Whatever.

Having lived here two years, I would say the climate is anything but boring, and the changing seasons are as marked here as they are anywhere. They are just marked differently. We note the passing of months by changes in rainfall, changes in flowers, changes in monkey populations, changes in spider webs, changes in ocean turbulence, changes in river levels and waterfall volumes, changes in available fruits, changes in tourism and much more. Tell me what kind of caterpillars you are seeing a lot of on your window screens and I’ll tell you what month it is.

As for those frigid to frying temperatures, we don’t miss them. We’re quite happy to curl up at 68 and strip down at 88, and we wouldn’t ever call it monotonous.

But that’s just us. Or is it?