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Costa Rica Real Estate

Welcome to the best place in the world to get information about living in Costa Rica and buying real estate in southern Costa Rica!

We offer properties in the following categories: luxury homes and fine estates; other homes of all types, including ocean view and mountain view; farms; lots ready to build; commercial properties, and developable raw land and/or partly developed land.

Not quite sure about pulling up roots and moving to Costa Rica or investing here? We know how that feels! These articles will help you think it through, and then you can contact us with more specific questions:

Wondering about buying property in Costa Rica and navigating the property laws? These articles will help you see how the system is set up to protect you.

Want some idea of what you could get around here for your budget? Well… there’s not a real estate listing site in the area, including ours, that can actually convey the beauty of our region and the “feel” of a property, but you can at least make a start by clicking on our Costa Rica property listings and scroll down through different prices. Then send us links to these or listings from other local real estate web sites and we’ll help screen them for you.

Curious about life in this special corner of the world? We write informative articles that should be of interest to most investors. You’ll also find some more in the right sidebar. The articles are knowledgeable, honest, detailed, and at times, funny.

Since the only thing we really have to sell is information, here is our promise: We will strive to be up to date, fully inform you, and tell you what you need to know to make secure decisions regarding your Costa Rican real estate investment. Its a great place to start, so call us in Costa Rica (011)(506)2787-0291 or in the U.S. toll free (001)866-787-0291 or send us an email to We’ll be here, living in paradise and hoping you’ll join us.

Costa Rica Real Estate Neighborhoods

If you're interested in learning more about the neighborhoods that we service here in southern Costa Rica, we've outlined some of the more talked about neighborhoods below and we occasionally add new ones:

Some More Costa Rica Real Estate Articles

  • Costa Rica World Cup

    Costa Rica World Cup – Half Empty or Half Full? Injuries to Starting Costa Rica World Cup Players What’s with the rash of injuries to the Costa Rican World Cup soccer team? Now starting right-back and defender Heiner Mora has lost his place in the Cup, thanks to getting hurt..

  • Costa Rica Real Estate Prices Affected by Recession of 2007-2012

     [The following article regarding the fall of Costa Rica real estate prices was written at Ground Zero, in Dominical Beach, just as the global real estate crisis began to intensify.  2009 and 2010 were dismal years for sales in Costa Rica, as was the case in North America and Europe..

  • Squatters in Costa Rica, Beware!

    Squatters in Costa Rica, Beware!   [ In the past, Costa Rica was famous – or infamous – for it’s squatter problem.  The buzz went this way:  Costa Rica may be a gorgeous and safe place, with some of the world’s happiest people, but watch out for those squatters after.

  • Incoming Infrastructure

    Incoming Infrastructure in Costa Rica Written by Marcel M. Pfister  –  2006 [Update by Land Assurance, July 2013:  Since we published this article a number of years ago, many of the predictions therein have come to pass.  The completion of the paving of the Coastal Highway, some 40 years in.

  • Competitiveness Rankings

    Costa Rica’s Competitiveness Rankings By Marcel Pfister, Copyright January 2007 [Ed.’s Note, Aug. 2013: Since the article below was published by Land Assurance in 2007 regarding Costa Rica’s competitiveness rankings, Costa Rica has basically held its own in terms of its competitiveness rankings by the World Economic Forum.  The number.