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  • Cement Mixer – Electric – $1400

    Cement Mixer – $1400 Call 8817-6117 This is a 2 bag cement mixer with a 3hp electric motor in good working condition. The drum is not worn, all bearings are tight and the mixer can be towed on the highway.  This mixer new is just over $3000 at Fixur.

  • Construction Equipment For Sale

    For Sale Near Dominical Call 8817-6117 Cement Mixer – Diesel – $1000 Cement Mixer – Electric – $1400 Jumping Jack Compactor – $1000 Scaffolding 4 pairs with cross bars 6′ x 5′ – $800 Air conditioner – brand new in box window unit – $240   

  • Top Ten Most Fun Adventures in the Dominical Area

    When you are in the Dominical area, the following super-fun adventures will blow your doors off. They present in reverse order, meaning that number 10 takes the cake as the “most fun” — at least in this writer’s semi-expert opinion. But bear in mind that all of these excursions are.

  • 10 Tips for How to Live in Costa Rica, Happily . . . Part 2

    Part 2 from the article, “10 Tips for How to Live in Costa Rica, Happily (Ever After): 6. Follow the Rules You would not believe the number of foreigners who live in Costa Rica with the belief that the rules somehow do not apply to them.  Wrong.  It is a.

  • 10 Tips for How to Live in Costa Rica, Happily. . . Part 1

    How to live in Costa Rica, happily ever after: that is the question. For “expats,” transitioning to life in these tropics can be frustrating — in addition to exciting, healthy, and wonder-ful. I hereby offer the following hard-won counsel to those of you who face such ch-ch-changes in latitude. Or.

  • You just bought a road in Costa Rica? Really?

    Most of us who come from North America or Europe won’t take a road in Costa Rica personally. It’s nice to have one, and it’s even nicer when someone shows up to maintain it. Sometimes we’re grateful for the work done on it, but mostly we just sort of consider it.

  • How to Buy a Property in Costa Rica in 10 Steps

    There are a lot of great adventures to be had here, some of them scary enough to give you a real adrenaline rush. How to buy a property in Costa Rica shouldn’t be one of them! If you  are thinking about buying a property and living in Costa Rica, here’s.

  • The Lantern Parade in Costa Rica

    Sunday, September 14, my wife and I were invited to our community school in Costa Rica for a lantern parade that turned into a history lesson. As happens so often, we weren’t sure of the details, so we got to the school well after the festivities started. We hadn’t even.

  • Top 7 Reasons to Go Ahead and Get Residency

    This article presents the main reasons to consider applying for residency in Costa Rica. Please compare my previous article, located at, which describes five solid reasons to consider NOT getting your residency, at least not right away. Let’s first assume that you could qualify under one of the categories.

  • Top 5 Reasons Not to Get Residency in Costa Rica

    People ask us all the time if they should apply for residency in Costa Rica. Let’s first assume that you could qualify under one of the categories of investor (inversionista), retiree (pensionado), or legal resident (rentista). For retirees you would need a fixed income of at least $1,000 per month.

  • 5 Essential Tips for How to Manage Land in Costa Rica

    Managing Land in Costa Rica When Brice de Ganahl and I started Land Assurance way back in 1998 in Costa Rica, we decided to offer management and improvement services for residents and non-residents who owned homes, businesses, and land here. There were already so many agents offering real estate for.

  • Electrical Installations While Living in Costa Rica

    As promised in my Living with Costa Rican plumbing, this is a somewhat humorous look at typical mistakes made by Costa Rican electricians that you will want to avoid while living in Costa Rica.  My introduction to Costa Rican plumbing codes has a similar ring to this one for electrical.

  • Working On-Line in Costa Rica

    When Brice and I moved to Costa Rica full-time in 1998, we felt we had to live in the suburbs of San Jose, the capital, because that was the only place in the country with decent internet access. We couldn’t see any way of running Land Assurance Realty without the.

  • Why Costa Ballena?

    By Ron Snell– If you are thinking about living in Costa Rica, you should be aware that in spite of its small size, the country is not all the same. There are distinct regions that appeal to different tastes, but we believe the Costa Ballena area is an unbeatable combination of.

  • Living With Costa Rica Plumbing

    Everyone who lives in Costa Rica and most people who visit here probably have humorous stories about Costa Rica plumbing.  The good news is that the Costa Rica building codes are very strict about handling black-water.  And, although the locals are not overly concerned about the building codes, the country.

  • San Isidro del General

    San Isidro  del General Location San Isidro del General is located in the Valley of El General, also known as Perez Zeledon, a fertile valley at about 600 meters above sea level. San Isidro weather is warm during the days and cool at night. Once the sun goes down, you.

  • Uvita

    Uvita Location Uvita is located about 16 kilometers (10 miles) south of Dominical, on the Southern Pacific Coast of Costa Rica. The road from Dominical to Uvita is paved and excellent, and winds along the gorgeous coastline. The drive takes about 15 minutes. The closest big cities are San Isidro,.

  • Dominical

    Dominical Location Dominical is located on the Pacific Coast of Costa Rica, about 35 kilometers (22 miles) East of San Isidro del General, and about 160 kilometers (100 miles) from San Jose. Driving to Dominical from San Jose now takes only about 2.5 hours, on pavement all the way, and.

  • Real Estate Agents: How They Work

    Real estate agents: How do they work in Costa Rica? By Ron Snell– Any reputable real estate professional  in Costa Rica would advise you to use only an agent who has learned the business through an established, legal agency and has certification to prove s/he has been through the Costa.

  • Beyond the Cost of Living in Costa Rica

    We hear this question a lot: What is the true cost of living in Costa Rica? In a separate article, Tim Woodruff gives you an honest, helpful look at the numbers. Here I want to look beyond them, because the price of a bowl of soup or a gallon of.

  • Manage Employees & Contractors

    Legally Manage Employees & Contractors In Costa Rica By Tim Woodruff, copyright December 2013  How to Manage Employees in Costa Rica  Read below for all  you need to know about hiring, managing, and firing employees in Costa Rica.  But do read,  because the rules in Costa Rica are very detailed.  I.

  • Buying A Commercial Property

    Buying A Commercial Property Buying a commercial property in Costa Rica raises many of the same issues as would an investment in the US, Canada, or Europe.  Whether it be real estate development, a hotel, a bed and breakfast, a restaurant, or some other  opportunity, your investment needs to be.

  • Do I Have to Speak Spanish if I Move to Costa Rica?

    By Ron Snell– Many people who contact us about retiring in Costa Rica ask the same question: “Do I have to learn Spanish?” The answer is, “NO!” You do not. You could live here 20 years with 20 words to your name– make friends, enjoy the beauty of the natural.

  • What Is There To Do in Costa Rica?

    What Is There To Do in Costa Rica? by Ron Snell, copyright January 2014 What is there around here for retirees to do ? If you are thinking about moving to the Southern Zone of Costa Rica, you must be wondering what there is for retirees to do around here. It’s.

  • Health Care Costs and Insurance Options in Costa Rica

    Copyright January 2014, by Tim Woodruff A Choice Between Public and Private Health Care  When it comes to health care, Costa Rica looks pretty robust:  last year the World Heatlh Organization ranked its medical system  36th in the world, out of 190 countries.  Costa Rica did way better than its.

  • Buyers Welcome

    If you are looking to buy real estate, we would love to meet you. And we think you are going to want to meet us as well. Here are three reasons why: 1) By letting us act as your dedicated buyer’s broker, you will gain access to all the MLS.

  • Welcome to the beauty of Costa Rica’s Southern Pacific zone!

    Welcome to the beauty of Costa Rica’s Southern Pacific zone! People who have been all over the world come back to southwest Costa Rica. To retire, or invest, or to start life anew.   Beaches, mountains, waterfalls, weather, they all come together  “in the zone.”  Whether folks want to live.

  • Sustainable Development in Costa Rica

    Introduction The “sustainable use” of land in Costa Rica and Central America.  That was the purpose that  Brice De Ganahl, my business partner, and I, shared when we co-founded Land Assurance Real Estate, Inc. in 1998. Our backgrounds could not have been more different.  He had started off as a.

  • How Much Is a Costa Rica Property Worth?

    How Much Is a Costa Rica Property Worth? By Ron Snell, copyright August 22, 2013 Introduction It’s a good question:  How much IS a Costa Rica property worth? As real estate agents in the southern zone of Costa Rica, we are regularly asked what a specific property is worth. The.

  • Building in Costa Rica

    Introduction The costs of building in Costa Rica have risen steadily but not dramatically — perhaps 20% across the board — since the below article was first published by Land Assurance in 2011.  Besides that, the article is still accurate  as of 2014.  The one thing that the writer would.

  • Comparing Costa Rica to Panama

    Update 2013 Since Land Assurance published this article in 2007, a lot of changes have occurred.  The big one was of course the real estate “crash,” which affected both Costa Rica and Panama.  However, Panama was hurt much less, for several reasons: the country was on the upswing after many.

  • Reforestation in Costa Rica

    Introduction to reforestation in Costa Rica Brice deGanahl and Tim Woodruff first bought gorgeous, ocean-view farm land in Costa Rica in 1992.  They sowed their first tree farm seedlings at the newly christened Finca San Buenas in 1993-’94, and have been planting and managing teak and native tree species ever.

  • Zoning & Development Rules for Costa Rica’s South Pacific Coast

     Since I wrote this article regarding New Zoning & Development Rules for Costa Rica’s Southern Pacific Coast in 2008, my prediction that “from now on, it’s not going to be business as usual around here,” has indeed come true.  The Southern Pacific Coast remains a highly scrutinized and regulated area.

  • How to Buy Land in Costa Rica

    Introduction So you want to retire to Costa Rica, or invest in beachfront real estate or ocean view property, or perhaps purchase a commercial business opportunity?  How to get started?  Sometimes one hears that “buying titled land in Costa Rica is very different from the way it works ‘back home.’”.

  • Costa Rica Net Listings

    Costa Rica Net Listings   Introduction to Net Listings Unfortunately,  net listings in the Costa Rica real estate market have in the past been all too common.  What is a net listing? A real estate offering where the middle person  has jacked up the price in order to collect the.

  • Making an IRA purchase of real estate

    Making an IRA purchase of real estate This article explains how you can make an IRA purchase of Costa Rica properties.   Real estate, from beachfront to commercial, and ocean view to mountain retreats, it’s all here for reasonable prices in Costa Rica.  But how to invest?  Let’s start at.

  • Costa Rica Maritime Zone Law

     Costa Rica Maritime Zone Defined The coastal or Maritime Terrestrial Zone (“ZMT”) refers to the state-owned, 200 meter strip of land along the shore — measured from the “average high tide” –administered by the local Municipality and the ICT. The Maritime Zone Law was established in 1977. It describes the.

  • Development Rules

    by Ron Snell,  copyright Sept. 2013 Want to create a village in Costa Rica’s jungle? Do your D1 first!  Development rules are important. What is a D1 and why should you care? A D1 is a sort of environmental impact study, and you care because the government cares. Here’s how.

  • Top 10 Reasons to Avoid Southern Costa Rica

    Top 10 Reasons to Avoid Southern Costa Rica By Ron Snell– Sure, you’ve heard and read a ton of good stuff about Southern Costa Rica and how buying real estate for your retirement in the mountains overlooking the Pacific Ocean’s stunning beaches is not only a decent investment in a.

  • Cost of Living in Costa Rica

    Cost of Living in Costa Rica Costs of Living Can Vary Widely The costs of living in Costa Rica have increased over the past 20 years. Life here is no longer dirt-cheap. Many urban and tourist areas of Costa Rica now cost much more to live in compared to the.

  • How To Manage Cost of Living in Costa Rica

    The following list is designed to help you manage the cost of living in Costa Rica, without having to compromise on the quality of your lifestyle, or necessarily “bust the bank.”  These observations regarding the best practices on how to live inexpensively yet well in Costa Rica are not to.