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Costa Rica Real Estate

Welcome to the best place in the world to get information about living in Costa Rica and buying real estate in southern Costa Rica!

Not quite sure about this whole business of pulling up roots and moving overseas? Oh boy do we know how that feels! These articles will help you think it through, and then you can contact us with more specific questions:

Concerned about buying property in Costa Rica and navigating the property laws? These articles will help you see, in soaring prose, how the system is set up to protect you.

Think all real estate agents are slippery liars and exaggerators? Well, we can’t speak for anyone else, but here’s how we work: Real Estate Agents: How They Work. (Just kidding. There are several realtors in the area who are about as good as we are. But we’re more fun to be around.)

Want some idea of what you could get around here for your budget? Well… there’s not a real estate listing site in the area, including ours, that can actually convey the beauty of our region and the “feel” of a property, but you can at least make a start by clicking on our Costa Rica property listings and scroll down through different prices. Then send us links to these or anyone else’s listings and we’ll help screen them for you.

Curious about life in this special corner of the world? We write articles now and again about whatever occurs to us, whether it’s a smashing rainstorm or a construction tip. You’ll find them in the right sidebar. Some are funny. Some are helpful. Some are just cuz. Read to your heart’s content.

And then there are informative articles with the best information we currently have on a variety of topics.

Since the only thing we really have to sell is information, here is our promise: We will strive to be up to date, we will fully inform you, and we will admit when we don’t know something. Not a bad place to start, so call us in Costa Rica (011)(506)2787-0291 or in the U.S. toll free (001)866-787-0291 or send us an email to or beat a drum. We’ll be here, living in paradise and hoping you’ll join us.

Costa Rica Real Estate Neighborhoods

If you're interested in learning more about the neighborhoods that we service here in southern Costa Rica, we've outlined some of the more talked about neighborhoods below and we occasionally add new ones:

Some More Costa Rica Real Estate Articles

  • Buying A Commercial Property

    Buying A Commercial Property Buying a commercial property in Costa Rica raises many of the same issues as would an investment in the US, Canada, or Europe.  Whether it be real estate development, a hotel, a bed and breakfast, a restaurant, or some other  opportunity, your investment needs to be.

  • Welcome to the beauty of Costa Rica’s Southern Pacific zone!

    Welcome to the beauty of Costa Rica’s Southern Pacific zone! People who have been all over the world come back to southwest Costa Rica. To retire, or invest, or to start life anew.   Beaches, mountains, waterfalls, weather, they all come together  “in the zone.”  Whether folks want to live.

  • How to Buy Land in Costa Rica

    Introduction So you want to retire to Costa Rica, or invest in beachfront real estate or ocean view property, or perhaps purchase a commercial business opportunity?  How to get started?  Sometimes one hears that “buying titled land in Costa Rica is very different from the way it works ‘back home.’”.

  • Making an IRA purchase of real estate

    Making an IRA purchase of real estate This article explains how you can make an IRA purchase of Costa Rica properties.   Real estate, from beachfront to commercial, and ocean view to mountain retreats, it’s all here for reasonable prices in Costa Rica.  But how to invest?  Let’s start at.

  • Top 10 Reasons to Avoid Southern Costa Rica

    Top 10 Reasons to Avoid Southern Costa Rica By Ron Snell– Sure, you’ve heard and read a ton of good stuff about Southern Costa Rica and how buying real estate for your retirement in the mountains overlooking the Pacific Ocean’s stunning beaches is not only a decent investment in a.