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Costa Rica Real Estate

Welcome to Land Assurance Real Estate of Costa Rica. We are among the most experienced real estate brokers on the Southern Pacific Coast, with an excellent reputation for integrity and professionalism. Our two principals, both US citizens, began to buy and sell property in Costa Rica in 1992. Land Assurance has been in the real estate business here since 1998. We also offer high level consulting for buyers and developers, and have great rentals for the vacation market.

We focus our sales on the Southern Pacific Coast of Costa Rica, called Costa Ballena, which is an up-and-coming yet very “green” part of the country, located about 2.5 hours from the capital city of San Jose on good paved roads. Regional airports are within half an hour. Costa Ballena is the best that Costa Rica has to offer: it is the gateway to the famed Osa Peninsula; it is green, lush, and full of wildlife; it has abundant water; and it is ruled by strictly controlled policies that protect the environment.

Land Assurance offers the widest variety of well-priced properties in the following categories: luxury homes and fine estates; other homes of all types, including ocean view and mountain view; hotels; farms; lots ready to build; commercial properties; and developable raw land and/or partly developed land.

If you don’t see the ideal home, parcel or business that would be perfect for you within our listings, please contact us anyway. We work with all the established and reputable brokers and real estate houses in the area to find you exactly what you are looking for. Once you tell us what you want, we will contact every broker and realtor and scour their listings to come up with a wide range of prospects for you. We will act as your dedicated buyer’s broker and walk you through the entire process from your property search and negotiation to the details of due dilligence and closing. And, once you close, we can also help you with management and rental services as you wish. We can also help you with a number of other necessities: finding a reputable lawyer, an architect, a builder, or even a place to buy organic vegetables (hot tip: right in front of our offices in Dominical every Friday).

Are you perhaps not certain about pulling up roots and moving to Costa Rica? Or wondering if it makes sense to invest here? We know the issues inside and out. These articles will help you start asking the right questions, and then you can contact us for more specifics:

Some folks have questions about buying property in Costa Rica, and/or navigating the property laws. These articles will help you see how the system is set up to protect you.

The next key question is probably along the lines of what can you get in terms of land or housing for how much money? The best way to start to get an answer is to click on our Costa Rica property listings and scroll down through the different prices. Then send us links to these or listings from other local real estate web sites and we’ll help screen them for you.

Want some idea of what you could get around here for your budget? Well… there’s not a real estate listing site in the area, including ours, that can actually convey the beauty of our region and the “feel” of a property, but you can at least make a start by clicking on our Costa Rica property listings and scroll down through different prices. Then send us links to these or listings from other local real estate web sites and we’ll help screen them for you.

You may also be wondering about life in this special corner of the world. We write informative articles that should be of interest to most real estate or commercial investors. You’ll also find some more in the right sidebar. The articles are knowledgeable, honest, detailed, and at times, funny. Please call us in Costa Rica (+506) 2787-0291 or in the U.S. toll free +1-866-787-0291 FREE or send us an email to

Costa Rica Real Estate Neighborhoods

If you're interested in learning more about the neighborhoods that we service here in southern Costa Rica, we've outlined some of the more talked about neighborhoods below and we occasionally add new ones:

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